Develop your speed-reading skills

Time is the most important factor while giving IELTS exam. The time limit can challenge your ability to complete the exam on or before time. You need to develop speed-reading skills to be able to give answers quickly.


Developing vocabulary

One of the key reasons why students can’t score well in IELTS. You cannot develop your vocabulary just by learning the meaning of the word. Read the same word and try to match the verbs and nouns. You can gain better command of vocabulary from reading passages daily.


Know the keywords

Each question will have some keywords. Once you know the keywords you can easily spot the right answer. You should learn to spot the keywords and use them correctly in the right place. Keywords are the key factor in scoring good marks on the exam.



Grammar is the most important factor to score high in IELTS. Grammar can help you to spot the right answer and score good marks on the exam. If you are not good at grammar then you need more practice.



Be confident

Remember one thing, even those who speak English fluently make grammar mistakes but what they do right communicates with confidence.