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At MOS we undergo a lot of background research and preparations that are highly suggested for students who want to pursue his/her career abroad through IELTS/PTE coaching and training. We provide students with enormous opportunities to pursue their dreams for undertaking foreign education and IELTS/PTE coaching in Gandhinagar.


To provide the best education to our students and act as a catalyst and make them reach their true potential. MOS believes to provide the best education consultancy and career counseling to get our students to achieve their desired goals. 


At, Maruti Overseas we are keen on maintaining a friendly and light atmosphere. Since we undergo a procedure of knowing our students to the fullest, we need to understand their interests, morals, aims and values; hence we conform with our students in every situation to make them feel like family.

Study abroad visa consultant | Visa Consultancy in Gandhinagar | Visa Consultants in Gandhinagar

Visa Consultancy in Gandhinagar


IELTS/PTE coaching in Gandhinagar is right here for you!

Visa Consultants in Gandhinagar


Planning to study overseas? Get the best guidance here.

Visa Consultants in Gandhinagar


MOS is a very prominent name in Overseas Education and training

Visa Consultancy in Gandhinagar


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“One of the best consultancy for overseas education. Maruti overseas not only help students to cope with education but also invest their inputs to shape and carve a student’s career in foreign countries. Moreover, Maruti Overseas is a stepping stone to success for those dreamers who wish to study abroad. To conclude, Maruti Overseas is one of the best consultancy bureaus in AHMEDABAD-GANDHINAGAR to invest one’s career”

– Rakshit Toke

I have a fabulous experience with Maruti Overseas. They provide me with excellent service and guidance. They’re very expertise in Visa consultation and as well as in IELTS coaching service. I will recommend it to others who want to go abroad they are ready to help you in any situation and they peak my call every time even in the meeting and solve each and every query. I am very satisfied with MOS Thank you for your great support and service. Best visa consultancy in Gandhinagar

– Maharshi Patel

Only one word can describe Maruti Overseas is “PERFECT”. My daughter’s student visa was done in a record time. MOS working system and all the employees are so helpful and supportive. I highly recommend them for Canada Visa. Also, great IELTS Coaching faculty at MOS teach in a very easy and simple way.

– Sumit Chand

My experience in MOS was really wonderful, faculty explanation was very helpful and good. The mock test helped to understand our level. I thank the MOS Team for guiding me in a proper channel and giving me so much confidence for writing the exam. Best Visa Consultants in Gandhinagar. Thanks for giving me an opportunity to come and do the practice anytime.

– Khyati Rathod

The whole process of applying for the college that I wanted to be sounded overwhelming at first. But with the help of MOS, the process almost seemed too easy. MOS also took care of all the procedures that I needed to complete for getting admission. They developed my profile from scratch – from my application to the very end of the process, it was all “MOS”! If you want any help regarding admissions just trust MOS. Highly recommended.

– Rameshwari Pawar

Where should I study abroad?

It depends upon your aims and interests i.e. it is important for you to know and understand your goals and what suits you and your goal the best. While at MOS you would get the best support and career consultancy with professionals so that you make the best decision.  There are several preferred locations which you can choose to study abroad and make your best decision for your career.

How do I find an education program or course to study?

You can find programs according to your interests. You can select the category you like to study, such as hospitality, business, literature, science and more. Click here to know all of the fields that can be chosen to make your career better.

What services can I expect from an overseas education consultant?

Experienced and trusted consultants like Maruti Overseas believes in providing counseling in making the right choice as well as assisting you in applying for the right institutions matching your interests, availing bank loans and scholarships, payment of tuition fees, visa documentation, pre departure guidance and domestic and international support to ensure about your comfort ability.

What if my visa is rejected: Will I incur any financial loss?

If your visa is being rejected, you can resubmit your application by providing explanations and documentations to improve the apprehensions raised by the High embassy. Your visa fees are non-refundable. But such special cases at Maruti overseas are taken with special care and continuous assistance.

What are the benefits of Studying Abroad?

It is important to shape your career in the best way so that your career can successfully reach global heights.  Students choose to Study abroad to obtain a chance to grow their network with global countries and work with and under multinationals. It offers you confidence make yourself familiarize with yourself with the global career prospects and competition.

Which are the popular countries for studying abroad?

USA, UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Poland, Germany and Italy are most preferred for studying abroad. You can choose and prepare for any university fulfilling their admission criteria and interviews.

What should I do if any college or university rejects my application for any particular program?

If your application is rejected by the institution then you can either re-attempt or apply for a suitable course or program matching your profile in the same/other institutions with better supporting documents.

Why are the entrance tests important requirements to Study abroad?

Foreign countries have kept certain criteria for students who belong to non-English speaking countries; should be able to handle the English language effortlessly while studying in their country. English language know-how is hence an important necessity to consider your visa application and hence we recommend having English language proficiency scores. English Language Tests IELTS/PTE is the most common English language proficiency test accepted by institutions and immigration authorities across the world. Information for the same can be availed from here.


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Study Abroad Visa Consultant in Gandhinagar

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