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Poland Study Abroad

Why choose Poland to study abroad?

Poland is a country which rich history with unique and diverse culture. As the country has a minority population it is concentrated around the borders with the German minority mainly residing near the city of Opole, southwest. In Warsaw and other major cities, there has been a recent increase in the inward migration of other nationalities. When we talk about local culture, religion plays a vital role in society and an even bigger part in Polish culture. Baptisms, weddings and funerals are all very much influenced by religion; Poland is one of the most dedicated and religious countries in Europe.

When it comes to socializing, family is right at the heart of everything. While the extended family is still very much a part of any individual’s social group, Poles mark a distinct difference between this group, an inner circle and any outsiders. Here is a certain etiquette that comes with gift-giving. Gifts are given on name days, birthdays, and Christmas. Also, entrepreneurs will dispense with such rigidity of formalism but for students choosing to relocate to this country can be an adventure. Healthcare is adequate but it is important for ex-pats to ensure they have comprehensive health cover so they can access private healthcare. Also, the Polish education system is very good, most ex-pats prefer to use one of the many international schools due to language barriers. Getting better opportunities for higher studies here are though diverse but competitive. Students are generally attracted to this country due to its diversity and beauty in nature. There are several regions and cities that are worth visiting for life experiences and more career opportunities. Get in touch to plan to study in Poland now!



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