It’s good to use simple sentences but you should use some great vocabulary not a lot of them just place it really well. just 5-6 words of a great vocabulary, that’s the mantra of scoring good marks.


1. The first one which I want to share with you is ‘plethora’ it means a lot of stuff, so this word you can use for a lot of things, for example, I have a plethora of hobbies. You can use it in your own way.


2. Second is ‘mesmerize’ it means you are charmed; this you can use for any place which has got your attention it was so beautiful you can use here the mesmerize and that in a verb form it is mesmerized because it is past tense.

3. The third is ‘however’ this word is used when you have two contradicting sentences, for example, you are explaining your hobby, so I use to play football however now I love cricket, so two different things you are talking about so you can connect them by however

4. Fourth is ‘recapitulate’ it means it’s another word for summarizing so usually in your third part of IELTS you will have a state of opinion kind of a form whether examiner will say this is good or that is good? so at the end of it, you will say to summarize since you are using the word summarize you can say, well to recapitulate this, in my opinion, is good .so use the word recapitulate for the summary.

5. Fifth is dilemma it means when you are in a situation where you are between two difficult choices and both are unpleasant, so you have to choose well at that point when you have two difficult choices to consider you are in a dilemma, I was in a dilemma to choose this or that.

practice to pronounce it in front of the mirror.