A few strategies to follow let’s discuss


1.) The minimum requirement is 23 marks and the maximum requirement is 25 marks so just divide it by 4, you need to get six correct answers in each section, just think you get four, four wrong answers in each section so just keep calm try to get six correct answers in each section this is really very easy.


2.) Let’s say you are good in section 1 so try to score high in section 1, let’s say you have scored 9/10 in section 1, so now, only 14 marks and three more sections .so it will be like a piece of cake for you so guys you can use any of these two strategies to score 6 in IELTS.


Don’t try to solve 3 passages with your full focus full attention solve two passages but at least get 20 correct answers and then you will have 15 minutes for 5 to 6 marks so it will be like a piece of pie for you so that’s it about reading

The writing and speaking

If the requirement is of 6 or 6.5 bands, no need to use a high level of vocabulary no need to use idioms, proverbs, and phrases. you can achieve a 6-6.5 score with the help of basic words but you need to consider four parameters;


  1. Grammatical errors – try to make fewer grammatical errors.
  2. Spelling mistake – read more magazines or any articles that you can find.
  3. Fluency – try to prepare in front of a mirror observe yourself while speaking, this is the best way to improve fluency.
  4. Pronunciation – it is the most important parameter; it will be improved with practice.