Language plays a major role in verbal communication. If there is no proper understanding of language between two individuals, it may create misunderstanding.


  1. Different Languages:

Language is the most essential element of communication. People from different regions and backgrounds have a different language. Because of that communication cannot do properly and it will lead to a communication gap.


Example: One person from India and another from the USA. Both of them don’t know the language of each other and they work together and they must communicate. Just because of the difference in a language they cannot communicate with each other.

  1. Jargons in Language:

Jargons refer to technical terminology. People from different professions and flew have different terminology. It might be difficult to understand for other people, jargon may make communication ineffective.


Example: Technical words used by Engineers and Doctors is very difficult to understand for any normal person.

  1. Choice of Words:

Choosing the right words while communicating is made more effective. One word might be having more than one and different meanings. These kinds of words should be avoided, they will misguide and misunderstanding.


  1. Tense and Grammar:

The grammatical mistake became a barrier to communication. When people do not have enough knowledge about the spellings, tenses and grammar at the time messenger sender is not able to send a proper message and it became an obstacle to communication.