Some people are gifted with confidence and enthusiastic gesturing, they dive into foreign language conversation with a small vocabulary. But for a number of people, the first conversation can be terrifying.  To grasp and overcome your fear while speaking English, there are some things you can do.


1. Understand the Nerve

Understand the matter which makes you afraid of speaking English. The confidence goes to zero when fear is overcome. So, anxiety about speaking in a foreign language lowers the fear of failure.


2. Practice

If you are new to this new language you need to practice the ability your listen and speak. This process will help you to understand every word. You can improve your pronunciation and vocabulary by listening alone, but the real conversation has no alternative.


3. Perfection

You could never stand up straight without falling, similarly without broken English, you can not get fluency. The desire for perfection is not a good thing, it may result held back. It may be annoying to make mistakes, but soon you will be satisfied by using language.


4. Speed of Conversation

Speaking speedily is not a very good idea. It is necessary to make other people understand what you are talking about. If you speak slowly and clearly, the listener will appreciate it.


5. Expert guidance

If nothing seems helpful and you still feel every so often scared to speak in English. You can always ask for expert help. Joining training classes can also be helpful.  Always keep in mind that, fear cannot be always there with you. Occasionally it has to come to an end.