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Students now a days stay confused and lost in terms of what career to choose when, where and how. Some take decisions that doesn’t match their goals and interests. Such decisions are poisonous enough to spoil the whole career and dismantle all the dreams. It is important that our children get the kind kind of advice at the right time. Moreover when any person decides to make his/her career overseas he/she stay in utmost queries and this confusion leads them to either wrong paths or nowhere. Hence it is essential to get such doubts regarding overseas studies and serving the right information to the right candidate.

At Maruti overseas we consider it as our duty instead of any profit making opportunity to guide and provide the right kind of advice and full information including all the pros and cons of the decision to study and succeed overseas. We are keen to provide 360 degree career consultation and student counselling. For us each of our students is important and considered to have a right to get the right thing.

  • Faculty works upon limited number of students at a time.
  • One-on-one sessions ensures maximum attention to each student.
  • You can join a group at any time – there is no need to wait for a new session to start.
  • Mock tests help in designing the style and speed of your learning needs.
  • Methods of learning: Fast-Track or Regular-Speed session depending on your grasping, comfort and need.
  • Ample study material is given for self-practice at home.
  • Extensive material is available for learning in class.
  • No limit on number of hours that you can spend in the class – Unlimited practice time!
  • Highly qualified faculty aims at maximum scoring.

Majorly, we focus upon improving qualitative skills so that it can polish our students’ overall personality which is done through a unique blend of counselling related to various areas such as individual doubts, confusion regarding the language, Group Discussions and Mock tests.The program is designed to impart training for listening, reading, writing and speaking skills through practical training. Training encompasses all possible requirements that would benefit students to apply the technical knowledge in day-to-day use of the language. Trainer takes special care of students and takes care that all students are benefited at the end of training.

Thus keeping our student at center, his interests, areas of improvement and goals we get mold and help them get the best!